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Options trading indicators

We provide our students with essential options trading indicators, including Volatility, Money Flow, and other technical tools to analyze market trends and optimize trading strategies effectively.

IV Rank & IV Percentile:

Check for volatility in the underlying asset:

  • IV Rank assesses current implied volatility against its annual high and low, expressed as a percentage.
  • IV Percentile shows the percentage of days with lower implied volatility than the present level.
  • Both metrics help traders gauge historical volatility to inform strategic trading decisions.

Relative Strength:

Predicting Market Reversals:

  • RSI assesses momentum by comparing the magnitude of recent gains to recent losses.
  • Values over 70 indicate overbought conditions, while under 30 suggest oversold.
  • Helps traders identify potential reversal points by signaling overextended price movements.

Money Flow:

Enhanced Trend Confirmation and Divergence:

  • Money Flow Indicator combines price and volume to analyze market buying and selling pressure.
  • Helps identify potential price reversals by tracking inflows and outflows of money.
  • Effective for confirming trends or signaling divergences between price movements and money flow.

Over Bought Over Sold :

Optimizing Trade Entry and Exit:

  • Indicate potential market reversals by assessing extremities in price movements.
  • Overbought conditions suggest a possible price decline; oversold might predict a rise.
  • Utilized in technical analysis to optimize entry and exit points.

Options Indicators:

Indicators are powerful tools

  • Indicators help predict market trends, enhancing decision-making and trading strategy effectiveness in volatile markets.
  • Indicators provide critical insights into market dynamics, crucial for optimizing entry and exit points in trading.


  1. Indicators enhance risk management by identifying potential risks.
  2. Optimize trade timing, increasing potential for higher profitability.
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